Safeguard Your Membrane Roofing Like An Investment

Rain. Wind. Sun. It’s a surprise that some objects survive as long as they work with all the changeableness of the weather we face. The roof is the most valuable building component in regards to weather protection and is the expertness that somewhat secure the investment of the owner, by conserving the structure. Maintenance-free roofing systems do not matter, because mostly all kinds of roofs demand a sumptuous amount of attention.

If you didn’t do so, this is the right and perfect time to begin an annual maintenance agenda. The significance is pretty obvious – to boost and prolong the service life of the current roof system. You need to stop the ramification beforehand or even prior to the problem of the affected area takes place. Extensive repairs not only cause the roof to last longer, but also it gives a practical and cost savings to the amenity’s owner.


Stroll the perimeter of the architecture to insure that any unsafe materials, such as trash cans, signage’s, large branches of a tree, and unsecured building materials cannot develop into an airborne projectile in the course of strong wind. All dead trees and broken branches should be taken out and pruned away from the perimeter of the building to hinder possible fire or damage to the sunshade roofing.


Fabric tent roofing edge details should be inspected to ensure that they are strong and tight fitting and perfectly sealed. Edges and angle of the tensile membrane structure are the most vulnerable to wind, typhoon and rain damage. It is important to fix them immediately.


All debris and unconstrained materials should be discarded from the roof. Make sure the roofing system is cleaned and secured and there is no obstruction of any sort in drainage areas. Examine and check for gaps or leakage on entire areas of the roof and renovate as necessary.


Examine all sealants on penetrations and finishes. All roof mounted equipment such as (properly HVAC units, satellite, antennas, duct work, etc.) should be protected in a place it will not be mobilized. It should be strongly affixed so that it will not be displaced by the wind or storm.

An accurate and comprehensive renovation program will address and resolve the problem at an early stage by minimizing or getting rid of the damage of interior furnishings, equipments, building materials and finishes. Thus, the homeowners or building owners shun too much expenditures and protect their investment completely.